A New Look for Jelly Design Studio!


Guess what happened last night?! I launched the new Jelly Design Studio! Yup. I probably should have done a countdown. Should have probably teased it a bit more on social media. But that’s not really who I am (What I really mean: I’m impatient).

I love to plan and prep — but sometimes I feel you just have to go for it. And this one was one of those moments.

Of course there was A LOT of planning involved while working on the redesign and new branding for my business. I started toying with the idea of a redesign back in the summer. But then life happened and I really wasn’t sure of what I wanted.

So all I have was a bunch of sketches and I wasn’t really loving any of it.

Then Fall arrived. This is always the season that I feel inspired and inclined to make some changes in my personal and business life. One afternoon I just sat away from my computer with a notebook and started jotting down my thoughts and random words. This is what lighted the fire inside of me to make it happen.

I realized that it was time to make some major changes. From the words on my website to the logo — it has to change. Of course changing the logo was a big back-and-forth argument with myself. This logo that I had was my very first logo (with minor tweaks). Since 2012. I was afraid to change it. But felt that it was time for something new. So after days of trying other styles I finally found one that I loved.


The one thing I did refuse to change was my color scheme. Yes, purple is my all time favorite color — but wanted to leave something from my very first branding board on this redesign. Color is important to me, so it felt right to leave that untouched. Rebranding and change doesn’t mean that everything has to change. Just change what you feel that needs to change. :)

So after many weekends of working all day — the design started to flow, the words just came out, and it all started to come together into a brand new look and feel. It took more hours than I expected but feel that every bit was worth it. Its definitely my favorite design for Jelly Design Studio, ever.

Which then brings us to last night. The new look was ready and I just couldn’t wait any longer. I had thought of doing little sneak peeks throughout the week and then launch it next week — but why wait? I went for it. Because sometimes if you just wait around you start to doubt and change things. I’ve been know for letting fear stop me midway of doing something but I put too much work and love into this new look. I wasn’t going to be stopped.

And here we are now. Brand new logo. Brand new website. And of course, a bunch of new projects in my portfolio!

But let’s take a moment to appreciate all my previous site redesigns. It sort of makes me cringe to admit that I designed this back in 2012 — but guess this is part of the “growth” process.


I started unsure of how to operate a business, no idea about the importance of a strong brand, and mostly winging it all. But with time I have grown with my business, learned so much along the way, and connected with people who have taught me so much.

So today I will allow myself to feel proud of what I am doing. :)

And don’t forget to head on over to Jelly Design Studio to see the new look!



  1. I LOVE the new look!!!! The new logo is playful yet classy. I agree that it can be intimidating to change things, but it’s energizing when you jump in and do it. Well done!

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