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Meet and Greet with Mickey’s lady!

Our first cruise experience was many (many) years ago on Carnival. I really didn’t fall in love with the experience and was sort of thinking this cruise might be the same.

I was sooooo wrong.

As this was our first Disney cruise and we weren’t 100% sure where to start with the booking process I decided to use an authorized Disney travel agent. I had already chatted with Haley in the past via IG over our love for Disney so decided to ask for her help for the process.

It was a good move. She helped with sending over price quotes, answering any question that I had, and checked in with me prior to trip. She was amazing. And its all free — so why not have someone help out!

So after getting some price quotes we decided to go during their low season so that we could get one of the fancier rooms. We booked “Concierge Level”, which means you get access to some extra perks available in the Concierge Lounge of the ship. It was 100% worth it. The staff in the lounge helped us book activities for Castaway Cay, surprised us with meet and greets, and gave us a bunch of fun little gifts throughout our stay. Major score!

The lounge always offered snacks all day and open bar in the afternoons. We actually would eat our lunch in the lounge to avoid the chaos at the buffet on the pool deck. Their snacks were all super fancy and include the cutest tiny sandwiches! It was all so delicious.

Honestly, Concierge Level has so many perks that I know I am missing some. But if you do get the chance to cruise with Disney, try going during low season so that you can get this level at a reasonable rate. Worth every penny.



Our room was pretty magical. And the artwork was everything!


Concierge Lounge…for dayssss.



This place was everything.

One of the main reason we wanted to cruise on the Disney Magic was to watch the new Tangled show. I was just counting down for this show. Luckily it was on the first night. So right after we finished dinner at Lumierer’s the first night (a Beauty & The Beast inspired dinning room) I was ready. We got to the theater nice and early. Everything around the theater area was decorated for the show. I might have considered taking the flags that decorated the halls. :)

The show was everything that I expected…and more! I cried. Like ugly cried during the entire show. It was magical! The show included new songs, the costumes and scenery was on point. I love all Disney shows, but this one immediately made it on the list as my favorite show, ever.

After the show that night, we then hung out at one of the pubs on the ship that was converted to the “Snuggly Duckling” for one night. For anyone who hasn’t seen Tangled, this is the pub that she goes to on her journey. So I was losing my mind (obviously). It was so well themed and even included some of the “thugs” from the stage show and a Royal Guard.



Go…live your dream!


Another highlight of the ship was the dinning. The food was amazing — and like all things Disney, the theming was even better! On a Disney cruise they do what is called “rotational dining”. Each night you are assigned a different dining room. You get the same host and server, which is nice — and you also get to experience each dining room.

Each formal dining room was amazing, but as a fan of animation, I did love Animator’s Palate. Throughout the dining room as you eat, you see screens featuring different artwork. As time passes, the original sketches on the screen start to get more details, slowly color is added in, and then some animation at the end. It shows the process of animating as you dine.

And of course the Big Cheese, Mickey Mouse himself, made an appearance during dessert. There was a lot of Disney music involved and my favorite scene from Tangled and other Disney movies. I cried (no surprise here).

Another perk to being Concierge Level was that we didn’t have to share tables during our dining rotation, which is amazing for an introvert like me. Plus, it allowed me to geek out over all the details without anyone judging. ;)

The ship is also filled with tons of entertainment, from walking tours around the ship, movies constantly playing at the theater, and lots of fun things to do for ALL ages. We even got to hang out at the Avengers Academy when it was open for adults.

The nighttime entertainment is just as fun. Each night after dining we would go to the theater for a different stage show and then enjoyed some after hours entertainment in the Adult-Only lounge.


Hanging out in the area for kiddos. Nick got to color and I didn’t know how to act.



Nick wanted to take this home.




This wallpaper was giving me life.






Fun night at dinner!

Originally we both thought we might get a little bored on the cruise, but it was the exact opposite. There was so much to enjoy that 3 days was not enough!

Another highlight of our cruise was visiting Castaway Cay! Its a small island in the Caribbean that is exclusively for Disney. I love the crystal clear waters and the beautiful beaches! On the island we rented bikes and cruised around. We then just enjoyed walking through the shops and enjoying the views.

After this amazing experience I am ready to cruise again! Disney has a few other ships to offer but I just really loved everything about the Magic and feel that I would end up on the same ship again. The ship never felt crowded and the staff was beyond amazing! It was a lovely vacation where we actually disconnected from the internet and just enjoyed all the things that were offered.

I know that its hard to find much details about Disney cruises online so feel free to leave a comment with any question or send me an email! And remember, if you are booking a cruise (or any Disney trip!) reach out to Haley for a free quote. ;)

(Photos by Melissa + Nick)

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