How To // Update Your Gravatar Photo (And What is a Gravatar?)

How To Update Your Gravatar Photo

Today I am sharing a little tutorial on how to setup your Gravatar account so that you can update your image, instead of having the default “Mystery Man” appear. :)

But first…what is a Gravatar?

After using this term a few time with clients or other blog friends I realized that many people don’t know the official name for this feature.

A Gravatar is basically an “avatar”, which is a photo that appears next to your name when you comment on a WordPress blog. Other blog platforms support Gravatar as well. The added “G” and “R” stand for Globally Recognized Avatar.

It’s a free service (which is always a bonus!) that we sometimes overlook. Here is an example of how they appear:


Setting up your Gravatar is a nice touch that helps with your branding — whether its for blogging or for your business. For me it helps me spot readers who comment a lot on my blog. I like that I can put a face to their comments and it gives it a more personalized touch.

So let’s get started! Time to update your Gravatar!

Before we get started I wanted to mention that the email used for your Gravatar account should be the email that you normally use when leaving comments on blogs or that is connected to your blog/website. This way the image you use will be connected to the right email address.

Step 1: Head on over to

Step 2: If you currently have a account you will be able to use that login to update your profile and photo. On the top right hand corner you will see the “ Sign In”.

Just select this option. Enter your email + password. Then click “Approve” to allow Gravatar to access your account.

If you don’t have a account (keep in mind that this is different than your login) then you will click on the “Create Your Own Gravatar” button that appears when you scroll down a bit.

Enter your email address, username, and create a password.

Step 3: We will now add a new image. Go to “My Gravatars” and the “Manage Gravatars” page will appear. Here you will click on “Add a new Image”. Select where you would like to get the image from.


Step 4: You will have the option here to crop your image. One you are happy with how it looks click “Crop and Finish”.


Step 5: Gravatar will ask you to rate your image.

Step 6: All done! You will see your new image linked to your email!


– – –

So there ya go! Super easy way to personalize your blog and the comment section. ;)


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