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The best thing about being a “Disney Lifestyler” (term for someone who is always at Disney) is that you learn about the best unknown spots that most tourists miss out of.

One thing that I didn’t know before moving here was the amount of lounges that Disney resorts (and parks!) has to offer. My favorite thing about Disney lounges is the great ambiance that each place has to offer. The environment is always very casual and laid back. Plus, its a great place to chat with cast members and make new friends (even for this extremely introverted gal).

Here are a few of my favorite bars/lounges at Walt Disney World:


1. Tune-In Lounge at Hollywood Studios: This has to be one of my favorite lounges on property. Everything about it is pretty amazing. We accidentally discovered it on a hot day during Star Wars weekend, and I am so glad we did. It’s tucked away in-between Hollywood & Wine and 50’s Prime Time. Very easy to miss.

When we spotted it for the first time, the Bestie and I just wanted to walk in to cool down — and a few hours later we still didn’t want to leave. Plus the bartenders (Hi David!) are the best. We can spend hours there hanging out and chatting it up with the bartender talking about our favorite Marvel and Star Wars news.

Besides the service being great, the theming is also spot on. It feels like you are transported to a home from the 50s. With retro chairs, old tvs, and friendly faces. The bar offers a full menu as well so you can eat something yummy (we always go for the fries) while enjoying Dad’s Electric Lemonade.

Another reason to love Tune-In, you get fun photos of your bestie cutting you with a lightsaber!

Another reason to love Tune-In, you get fun photos of your bestie cutting you with a lightsaber!


2. Rix Lounge at Coronado Springs Resort: This place we recently discovered and can’t believe we had been missing out. Rix’s is located in a resort, Coronado Springs, and is one of the lounges that stays open the latest every night. The ambiance at this place is very laid back, with comfortable couches and seating. Plus the best background music (very 90’s) playing in the background.

If you go make sure to try the sangria! Its the perfect amount of sweet and fruity. They also have a margarita flight which is great for sharing!

This lounge also offers great snacks — calamari, potato wedges, and nachos — which is always important for me as I like to snack while enjoying a drink.

The spacing in this lounge is pretty big so its an ideal location if you are coming with a larger group.

3. Belle Vue: Tucked away inside of the Boardwalk Resort, this lounge is perfectly themed to the 1920s and the decor is everything. It has such a charming feel and perfect to wind down after a long day at the park. One of the best things is that there are plenty of board games offered such as Scrabble and Checkers — which can be enjoyed with a fancy cocktail.

Its a great place to enjoy a Moscow Mule as it feels like just the right place to drink one.

4. Territory Lounge at The Wilderness Lodge Resort: Two words, Truffle Fries. When you visit Territory, placing an order of their fries is a must. Its great for sharing but you would probably want to eat them all yourself. And there will be no judging.

I will admit that their bartenders haven’t been as friendly as in other resorts — but the service is still good and the fries make up for it. ;)

Also love the cozy feel that the place has to offer. Its dim lighting and “camping” decor really makes it great place to for a date night.

5. Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian Resort: For other locals, I am sure this one is controversial. In the same resort you can find Trader Sam’s Grotto which is fan favorite and is constantly packed with a line outside the door. But personally I prefer going right upstairs to Tambu lounge where its usually empty, which is a plus for me.

I have to admit that Tambu lounge isn’t the fanciest place on property but I do love where it’s located. From this lounge you can get a window seat thats great for some people watching! My love for this lounge might just be tied to fun memories with the Bestie here, where we always love getting an “Island Sunset” and just chat away!

So now its your turn — have you ever enjoyed any bar/lounge on Disney property? Which one is your favorite? Love learning about new little hidden gems within Disney.



  1. NENolan says:

    Some good options here that I would like to try. Territory Lounge is on my list if only for that amazing cobbler. Will definitely look into those fries too. There are two lounges that I make sure I get to on every trip. One is Rose and Crown pub. There is such a convivial atmosphere and you also get a chance to meet people from just about everywhere. Everyone is so friendly! Another is the River Roost that I happened upon while staying at POFQ. Delicious Mai Tais and yummy appetizers, particularly those fritters and sliders. So good! I will now make an effort to go there at least once every trip even if I’m not staying at either Port Orleans resort.

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