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When working on any design projects its always important that both the designer and the client can understand each other, which was the case with Cadry.

From the moment we started working together on her blog redesign I felt that we were always on the same page. I love working with someone who is passionate about what they do — whether it’s their business, blog, or hobby. That always helps me as a designer to create something that represents the client’s brand and vision.

And also, its easy to work when you have such great photos to look at! Cadry’s blog shares delicious vegan recipes that are mouthwatering. She is so creative and can combine just the right ingredients that I would have never thought of.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that she enjoys Disney just as much as I do.

Kind Words from Cadry:

I’ve been blogging for over 6 years, and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find a designer whose aesthetic matched my own. When I saw Melissa’s work online, I knew she’d be a great fit. I was immediately drawn to her sites with clean, minimalistic lines, and user-friendly pages. As a person who doesn’t have a design background, I was often frustrated by my own limitations in terms of what I dreamed for my site versus what I could create on my own. It has been such a gift to hand those ideas over to Melissa and watch her create the visions I had in my head – or better! At last I feel like my blog accurately portrays the unique look that I wanted. Melissa has been a joy to work with – patient, helpful, and accommodating. I can’t recommend her design services highly enough, and I feel really thankful that I found her!

For her blog design we setup a few neat features such as an easy to navigate recipe index, a travel page showcasing all the different states she’s visited, and fun grocery list feature. Also, the site is responsive (mobile friendly) so that its easy to navigate and use on any device.

Don’t forget to give Cadry’s Kitchen a visit for some tasty recipes that you won’t want to miss. ;)

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