Disney // Going to Disneyland (Part 2)


After spending our first day visiting Disneyland and I cried all the tears I could possibly have — I thought that Disney’s California Adventure (DCA) wouldn’t be that emotional for me.

Its a much newer park so I assumed that it wouldn’t have such a “magical” feel to it.

Well, I was soooo wrong. And now that I think about it, not even sure why I assumed that.

The entrance of DCA has this old-timey Hollywood feel. There is a lovely red trolley going down the street (which you can ride!) and beautiful windows on every shop. And then you reach Carthay Circle which just brought so many tears to my eyes.

For those of you that don’t know, the original Carthay Circle Theatre was were Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered. This was Walt Disney’s first animated feature length film so its seen as the movie that started it all.



While Nick rode the “coaster of doom” (that’s what I called it) I opted for the more relaxing carousel ride.



Heart eyes for daysssss.

One night while we were hanging out at DCA, Nick went to get some coffee and I sat on Buena Vista Street to do a little people watching. At the moment I was taken aback by how beautiful Carthay Circle looked at night. It remind me of old footage I’ve seen of the red carpet premier of Snow White. I felt like I was taken back in time. This moment felt so magical to me and right there, alone on a bench, I started crying (and laughing at myself). It was so cheesy but felt so right.

We did get the chance to eat a the Carthay Circle restaurant — which was amazing. We did their “World of Color” package that then allowed us to have access to a special viewing area of the light and water show.

Another exciting moment was meeting Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. We spotted him a few times throughout our stay but he was always leaving at the moment. So I was bummed out that we were probably not going to be able to meet him.

Then on our 3rd day there we got the chance to hug it out with him. Nick and I rarely do character meets. Mainly because I never want to do the line — but this one was definitely worth it. Oswald admired my cellphone case (with Rapunzel and Iron Man) then went ahead and told us how he wanted an arc reactor like Iron Man. It was silly and so much fun. I of course was 100% awkward but he seemed to love it. And even though I am not much of a hugger, I definitely went in for a hug. :)


Officially my new BFF.




Tears. All of them. For the entire show.

And of course DCA pulled at my heartstrings in their animation building. While we were walking around and looking at all the fun things this section has to offer I suddenly heard a scene from Tangled. I rushed out to the main area of the building where you have large screens surrounding you. A full 360. And right there the lantern scene from Tangled was playing. I froze. Then cried because this was so magical and unexpected. I couldn’t stop spinning to have a look at each screen. Nick took a photo of me while I was lost in the moment. And even though its a dark photo — it’s such a beautiful reminder.

If you ever visit DCA I would of course recommend doing it all, but most of all, don’t miss World of Color. Most of the reviews I’ve read about this nighttime show were very “whatever”. No one mentioned hating the show, but there wasn’t much enthusiasm.

I do know that for the 60th Anniversary they’ve made some changes so it might have been old reviews. All I know is that this show is everything. The show features Neil Patrick Harris and lots of old footage of Walt Disney himself. It was breathtaking and definitely a must see.



We also got to spend a lot of time in Car’s Land. In DCA, I have to say that this is my favorite land. The work they did in this section is amazing. Its incredible how they were able to convert this animated world into real life. So many little details and all of done perfectly. And I love that we got to witness a proposal right when when the sun was setting and the lights on all the buildings turned on. Nick really loved this area and it turns out that “Radiators Springs Racers” was his favorite ride. I would say it was my second favorite (because Small World will forever be number one on my list).






As I write this post I might be getting a little teary eyed. This trip was something that I never really expected due to my fear of flying. I never really believed that I would make it out to Cali and experience everything we did during those 4 short days. The time went by so fast but I love how many memories we created and all the fun we shared.

Both Nick and I loved this place. I did all the crying, but he definitely fell in love with all the beauty these 2 small parks have to offer.

The last day I was definitely a little sad knowing that we had to jump back on a plane. As we walked away from the hotel I was teary eyed but promised myself that we will come back again.


Stunning during the day and at night.


And in case you missed it, don’t forgot to take a look at Part 1 of our Disneyland trip. :)


(Photos by Meli & Nick)


  1. What a great trip! I loved hearing about every moment. That’s interesting that Oswald talked to you. I haven’t done a character meet and greet in a long while, but they always used to be silent. Is that a new thing?

  2. (I should say that characters with covered heads like Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, and Pooh were silent. Obviously, Aladdin and Jasmine could talkā€¦)

  3. I totally never wanted to go to WDL but you’ve sold me on DCA. I think it it looks awesome and up my alley, especially the World of Colors! I love all of the nods at the old animation team who were just so inspirational (even to me). LOVE IT.

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