Three Tips // Productive Meetings

Tips on Productive Meetings

Whether you work for yourself or for another company — meetings are a thing that will happen. I remember hating meetings in my corporate job because of the long hours and not so exciting topics.

Now meetings are more exciting for me as I get to chat with other creatives and brainstorm ideas for their brands. But I still have learned that some structure should take place when having any type of meeting so that your time is used wisely.

A few tips on how to have productive meetings…

1. Be Prepared: Before any meeting starts I like to have a small outline of the topics that will be discussed — any points I want to mention, and questions that come to mind. This helps me know what we need to talk about and get straight to work. It also helps avoid those moments where you blank out and forget to ask the important questions.

2. Put Away All Distractions: Whether you are meeting face-to-face or having a Skype session I always put my phone away, turn off any social media on my computer screen, and close my inbox. This helps me stay focused and on task. And no awkward moment when you don’t hear a question someone is asking you (we’ve all been there).

3. Have a Time Limit: Keep meetings between 30-60 minutes long. When working a corporate job we would have meetings that would go over 3 hours (zzz!). The issue with that is that after an hour your mind wanders off to other things and you leave the meeting with nothing gained. I feel that placing a time limit on meetings helps everyone stay on task and feels much more productive.

Hope these tips help you use your time wisely during you next meeting.



  1. Love the tips and I’ve definitely been in each of these scenarios. It’s so important to set time limits since teams can digress so quickly. Thanks for sharing!

    • Meli says:

      Time limits are definitely important. No one wants to sit on a call for 2 hours and realize that nothing was done.

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