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As some of you might know, Nick and I have been attending comic conventions for almost 3 years (!!!) and selling some of his amazing art work. We started doing conventions within Florida and its been such an amazing experience. We have meet fans, crazy-awesome cosplayers, and have meet some amazing vendors/artists who we now call friends. :)

We have gone to many fun conventions in FL and other that are not so amazing. Its been a learning curve and at every show we learn something new about running this little business.

So when 2015 started, Nick and I started talking about looking into some out-of-state comic conventions to attend. We already have our Florida convention line up but wanted to expand a bit more and also enter new markets.

In January we had the opportunity to attend a con in New Orleans. It was our first out-of-state show and we learned soooo much in just a few days on how to make this process profitable and also fun.

It was a positive experience so we started looking into a few more options — and it recently lead us to Washington DC for a huge convention called Awesome Con.

So I wanted to share some of our travels on the blog. Just a little diary of our geeky travels. Plus, I just had to talk about all the amazing food we got to eat on this trip. ;)

– – –


On our way to DC…at 11PM.


14 hour drives means plenty of stops for coffee.

The first 60 minutes of arrival to DC (after a LONG 14 hour drive) was not the best. We got lost multiple times, staff at the convention center didn’t know where we need to go for unloading, the parking meters were being jerks, the parking app wasn’t working, and then we had to drag 30+ pound cases in what felt like 200 degree weather.

Ok, so it wasn’t 200 degrees. But it felt like Florida heat which is never good. Once we made it inside the convention we quickly set things up and then our trip started to improve.


Looking like a hot mess after all the chaos to setup. But excited to be at such a large convention!

That night we got to do some sightseeing and I finally meet Monica (from Cake & Lilies) in person after just being online friends. :)

Every night in DC we meet up with different friends that we hadn’t seen in a while. It was great catching up with them after the long (yet fun) days at the convention. Plus its always good to have locals telling about the best food spots.

The best meal we had in DC was at Plan B Burger. Love that they had so many burger options. I had their chicken burger which was THE BEST THING EVER. The menu is extensive and the prices are just right. Their mission is to offer fresh and high quality food — and they are spot on. The place is super trendy but feels so casual at the same time. Definitely will be going again when we visit DC.

Unfortunately on this trip we didn’t have much time to explore the museums due to the long drive back home (gotta fly next time!). Traveling for conventions sometimes limits us on what we can do on a trip — but its still tons of fun and it gives us the opportunity to get a little sneak peek of the city.



Selfies before a busy day of work.


At least we got some good meals (and dessert!). Here are a few spots that you should check out when visiting DC:

Plan B Burger: Extensive burger menu with great options. And make sure to get the parm fries.

Clydes: Loved the atmosphere and their portions are crazy huge! Easy to share any meal there. :)

Matchbox: Best pizzas ever! Especially the chicken pesto! Yum!

Dolcezza: Get the salted caramel ice cream. You’ll thank me later. :)

– – –

We plan on attending Awesome Con again next year, so if you have an DC suggestions feel free to send them my way. Making notes for next year. ;)

Photos by Blush + Jelly via iPhone

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