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Before fancy digital cameras and iPhones I remember how much I used to love getting photos printed. I would use an entire roll of film in just a day then take it to a local pharmacy that would develop the photos for me so that I could frame them, hang them around my room, and make scrapbooks.

Now times have changed and I rarely get any photos printed. I have over 1,000 photos on my iPhone but none of them get printed, just uploaded on Instagram or saved to my computer.

As our walls are still somewhat bare I wanted to finally make use of all the images stored on my phone. I decided to partner with Easy Canvas Prints to get two of my favorites images (both inside the Disney parks, obvi) printed onto a fancy canvas so that I can finally enjoy these images.

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The first image is one that was taken by some dear fiends on the 24-hour Disney event. I wasn’t expecting for the Hubby to surprise me with a kiss – it was such a fun and spontaneous photo!

The other image is in Rapunzel’s village which is one of my favorite areas of the park. I placed this one in my office so that I always have a fun photo to look at filled with lots of good memories.

So far I just have 2 of them but plan on getting a few more for the dinning room and bedroom!

The best part is that you don’t even have to upload the images when ordering. Their ordering system allows you to link your Instagram account and you can easily browse for any photo you would like to use.

You also have the option of using non Instagram photos. :)

The canvas are great for decorating a mantle, hanging on the wall, or to add some flair to you current decor.

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Photographed by chevrons and éclairs


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