My Insta Weekend: 05.05.14

Rain Boots Weather
Rainy Days are meant for cute rain boots!

Sleeping Pup
All she does is sleep while I work. And try to eat pasta. Ha!

Violet Lemonade from Epcot
Violet Lemonade. It’s like spring in a cup.

On Friday I was super excited because my Dad is moving near us! Yay! I always lived near my Dad so moving away was exciting for me but I also missed having him nearby. We were just living a 4 hour car trip away (I know other people who are much further from their family) but to me that was a lot. Finally he decided to move a little closer and I am super excited to be able to see him more often – and also to see Luna the Pup a lot more. :)

Due to the terrible weather on Saturday the Hubby and I didn’t get much Disney time in this weekend. Sunday was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine so we did make an afternoon stop at Epcot for some violet lemonade and a little snack. This lemonade is seriously the bomb-dot-com (why doesn’t anyone say that anymore?). I can’t stop ordering it and I seriously need to recreate this refreshing drink.

Hope your weekend was a lot sunnier than mine. :)

P.S. – Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hope your day is filled with lots of tacos and margaritas! I’m making these cauliflower and chickpea tacos tonight.

Photos by Blush + Jelly


  1. The rain was definitely a bummer but I’m glad you guys got to get out a bit! I hope the tacos come out great!

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