Day 6 // Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow Pops

This month is just flying right by. It feels like next thing you know Christmas morning will be here. So let’s get this countdown moving along! ;)

Today I am sharing the easiest recipe (not even sure if it’s a full on recipe) for a tasty little snack that anyone will love.

They are delicious and pretty to display. Also, makes for a fun project with friends or kids – because it’s just dipping marshmallow into chocolate and pretty garnishes.

Holiday Mallow Pops

The steps are easy:

I cut some paper straws into 3 smaller sticks and inserted them into the marshmallows. I then placed the marshmallows in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

For my batch of 8 marshmallows I got 1/4 cup of milk chocolate chips and melted them in the microwave. I did 15 second intervals to make sure I didn’t over heat the chocolate.

Once melted I got my garnishes (I used sprinkles and coconut flakes) and got the marshmallows. Dip the frozen marshmallows into the chocolate then garnish with sprinkles.

Place dipped marshmallow on parchment paper. Once all mallows have been coated in chocolate return to freezer for another 10 minutes.

Best enjoyed with some hot cocoa. ;)

Photos by Blush + Jelly

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  1. OH how cute are these. Seems simple enough and very festive :) Thank you for sharing

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