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Rose Cocktail and Paper Straws

I love printables. Whenever I see a cute printable for straws, banners, or anything decor related I save it. But I unfortunately I am horrible at planning anything. So chances are when I could finally use that super adorable printable to make little flags for my paper straws it’s just too late because guests will be at the house in less than 5 minutes.

So the solution for the procrastinating host – washi tape.

In less than 5 minutes you can create some fun little flags for your paper straws and give the impression that you were ready for the occasion. That’s how I play it off. ;)

Washi Tape and Paper Straws

Washi Tape Flags

First gather your materials:

// Paper straws
// Washi Tape (you can get some great colors from Love Washi Tape Co.)
// Fine Point Marker (any color you want)
// Scissor

1. Cut a piece of washi tape, I went with about 4 inches in length.

2. Place paper straw about on the half mark of the piece of washi tape. Fold to create a little flag.

3. Then get creative by overlapping different colors/patterns of tape. Cut the edges to create a different edge.

I used a permanent marker to write little messages on some of the straws.

And just like that you have some cute paper straws ready for a tasty summer cocktail with friends. ;)

Need a summer cocktail like the one shown above? Then check out my recipe for a deliciously floral Rose Lemonade Cocktail.

Photos by Blush + Jelly

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