The Cookie Challenge // 2012 Recap

52 Cookies in a Year

At the beginning of 2012 I decided to challenge myself. I wanted to learn how to bake cookies. I am no pro in the kitchen but I can get things done, except for cookies. I wanted to change that. So I decided to bake a different cookie recipe each week throughout 2012. I thought it was going to be simple. It wasn’t.

It turned out to be a bigger challenge than I expected. Every week I had to look for a new recipe, make time in my schedule to execute the recipe, and take photos. Luckily I didn’t have to eat them all, I was able to take my weekly batches of cookies to work and let others enjoy it. :)

Just about every recipe was a success. Some were prettier than others and I learned from my errors. Like why you should actually give cookies enough space on the baking sheet or how it’s important to carefully read a recipe before you begin baking.

I eventually graduated from using my iPhone and invested in a fancy camera that helped me get better results for my photos.

This challenged pushed my boundaries. I am more confident when it comes to baking, my photography skills are slowly improving, and I actually baked 52 different recipes (that was a whole lot of butter!). I thought I might quit from time to time but having you all leaving nice comments about my challenge definitely made it even better.

I was tempted to continue “The Cookie Challenge” because I had so much fun doing it but decided to give it a bit of a change. This year I am introducing “The Baking Challenge”. To expand my baking knowledge I want to bake something that I have never baked before – and make it all from scratch. This will challenge me to stop purchasing boxed cake mix and try my own variations (not that there is anything wrong with the boxed stuff, totally into it). I feel that this challenge is a little more broad but will still push my baking skills and hopefully increase my knowledge in the art of baking.

The Baking Challenge can include anything such as breads, pies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and more! I plan on using a hashtag and if you want to join in I would love to see your posts and photos! #thebakingchallenge

I hope you enjoyed The Cookie Challenge Series and hope you stick around for The Baking Challenge!

How are you challenging yourself this year?

All Photos by Blush + Jelly


  1. Congratulations Meli! This is such an accomplishment. I really admire you for sticking with it! Good luck with this year’s baking challenge!

    • Thanks, Brynn. It’s definitely a challenge to keep up with it but so worth it at the end.

  2. What a great accomplishment!! You will be a baking pro by the end of 2013! I’m excited to see what you will be posting this year.

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