The Cookie Challenge // Week 15: Cranberry-Milk Chocolate Cookies

So this week the posting has been pretty light. Ok, light is being nice. I posted once. On Monday. About my weekend. Totally lame.

Things are somewhat getting organized over here. Still a lot going and coffee is now mandatory twice a day but at least lots of goals are being made. No biggie.

So this past Wednesday I had a mild meltdown. The internet was down all day so The Honey forced me to take a day off from Jelly Design Studio. We went to Epcot for some dinner and couple time. It was nice but all I talked about was websites and work. He listens because he is very supportive of everything I do.

When we got home I had a little meltdown. Then I got my act together because I have no time for meltdowns.

I realized that creating a balance (especially when you are currently working another full time job) is intense stuff. Working is super important – that’s how you make thing happen, but remember that life needs to happen too.

I am sure another meltdown will eventually happen, but that’s ok – especially now that I found these cookies. Cranberries + chocolate = totally mind blowing.

The original recipe calls for white chocolate chip but all I had was mini milk chocolate and going to the market was not happening (read: I was in comfy pants and a faded Domo t-shirt). Overall – these cookies rocked. Perfect for tough days that involve meltdowns or crazy inboxes. ;)

Original Recipe: Cranberry-White Chocolate Cookies by Pass the Sushi

Note: I know these cookie posts are getting a little too intense with all my issues. I’ll keep it lighter next time. Maybe. No promises.



Image by Blush + Jelly


  1. YUm! These look and sound amazing. I can’t wait to give this recipe a try!

  2. Suzy says:

    OMG these look amazing, know what I’m going to be make this cranberry milk chocolate cookies this weekend. Delicious!

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