The Cookie Challenge // Week 12: Macaroons

Macarons or Macaroons? It’s just a one letter different but the two can’t be compared.

Macarons are the little sweet French cookies that almost require special training to bake a batch – while Macaroons are these super easy to make coconut cookies. So I went with macaroons this week for my cookie challenge. Macarons will be tackled at some other time. ;)

This was one of the easiest cookies that I’ve made so far. Just egg whites, coconut, sugar, and vanilla. A perfect combination for a flaky and chewy cookie.

I added a little flair by melting chocolate and drizzling it over the macaroons. It was a match made in heaven. Make these and share (or maybe eat them all yourself! I won’t judge.)

Original Recipe: Coconut Macaroons by Dinner or Dessert



Image by Blush + Jelly


  1. OMG My favorite. Thank goodness I’m not a big baker anymore. One batch of those in my house would be dangerous. Gone in a day I’m sure!! They look amazing and I’m sure they taste amazing as well. And I drool just looking at the picture.

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