My Insta Weekend : 03.26.12

Finally tried out my new Hunger Games nail polish from China Glaze.

Supal and I at the Hunger Games midnight release. Oh, and look – we found a Peacekeeper!

Hunger Games inspired cocktail – it even brought a glow stick! ;)

Trying out new hairstyles.

A little experimenting with cookies! Recipe will be on the blog this week

Saturday lunch by The Honey

Balloons at Magic Kingdom

Since we’ve moved to Orlando we hadn’t gone to the movies – so we were truly surprised when we noticed a bar at the movie theaters this weekend! The Hubs and I meet up with the lovely Supal for The Hunger Games midnight release. It was exciting – we saw a peacekeeper, people dressed as Effie Trinket and lots of Capitol inspired outfits. Plus, the bar was serving a Hunger Games inspired drink called “The Capitol” – delish!

The rest of the weekend I tried perfecting my side braid hairstyle and I think I am getting the hang of it. :)

Part of the weekend was also spent working on some projects for Jelly Design Studio. I am really getting excited about some projects that might be coming my way (cross your fingers!).

After working hard I got to play hard – we went to Magic Kingdom for a while and had a blast. Annual pass is the best investment ever.

How was your weekend? Any exciting stories? ;)



Images by Blush + Jelly


  1. So basically… you need to do my nails AND hair. Viva la side braids!

  2. Just got Hunger Games for my Kindle. I’m probably the last one on earth who hasn’t read it yet. Ahh I get sorta jealous seeing Disney pics. You are so lucky to be so close and to go almost every weekend!

  3. You have to get to it! It’s one of my top favorite books! :)

  4. Yes – we need a hair and nail party! Plus some sangria! ;)

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