The Cookie Challenge // Week 8: Nutella Cookies

Hi, there! I think we should talk about Nutella today. It’s pretty amazing – but I just don’t think my love for it is as intense as everyone seems to feel for this creamy spread.

Yes, it’s delicious but I just don’t crave it…well at least I didn’t until yesterday.

I decided to make these Nutella cookies just to give it a try. Oh my was I impressed!! These cookies are the perfect balance of chocolate and Nutella all wrapped up in a chewy cookie. It’s impossible to just have one.

So I will warn you – if you are on any type of diet or already have a very dangerous Nutella obsession then you probably shouldn’t make these. Ok, cancel that. No matter the situation, you should make a batch – I promise you won’t regret it!

Original Recipe: Nutella Cookies by Erin Food Files

Are you Nutella obsessed? What other Nutella inspired desserts do you like to make?



Image by Blush + Jelly


My Insta Weekend – 02.22.12

Freelancing + Drinking Tea

Finally a little R & R

A little more tea!

Another project completed. :)

Why hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without posting. I’m a bit disappointed in myself but I am trying hard to not let it get to me. I never like making excuses but things are a little crazy (yes, I know I keep saying that, bear with me please).

This past Friday I started to get sick yet had no time to rest. The Hubs and I had to drive down to Miami for the weekend to paint our old apartment and make it all neutral. So being sick and smelling paint fumes is not the best way to spend the weekend.

When we made it back home on Monday all I did was sleep and get lots of rest. Tea and honey was my new BFF (<–Did I just type that?!).

Anywho…even though the weekend was a little (more like very) hectic and exhausting I was thrilled that I got to see my parents and my bestie! I miss them all so much so it’s great to hug them and spend time with them.

I am starting to feel much better but still have a little congestion hanging around – but I am proud to say that I actually completed a web project and just waiting on the client to approve everything (while sick, GO ME!). So excited! There’s another project in the works so I am very grateful that things are working out for Jelly Design Studio. Hoping to keep the winning streak going! ;)

Tomorrow I should be coming around with a cookie recipe for the week. That’s one thing that I refuse to fail in. Cookies will be happening, so stay tuned!

P.S. – Thanks for sticking around and still reading my random posts! Hoping things will get back to normal soon enough.



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Cocktail Friday: Mint Julep

Image + Recipe

This girl right here (pointing at myself) truly needs a cocktail or two this weekend. I am still adjusting to the new job, blogging, and working for Jelly Design Studio so things might go a little silent once in a while here on the blog – at least until I buy a planner and notebook for my list making.

What you don’t have a planner yet?!

No friends, I still don’t own a 2012 planner and things are getting ridic! Major time!

It’s been so bad that this week I went down this vicious circle of not having a list. I felt so lost when I was ready to sit down and work. After staring at the computer and being extremely unproductive I would go to bed. Once laying down I started remembering all the things that I should have been doing. So that must change immediately. This weekend the list making shall commence!

So my weekend sounds a little dull, how about you tell me what your plans are! Would love to know what you’ll be up to. ;)



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The Cookie Challenge // Week 7: Chewy Chocolate White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

The in-laws were in town this past weekend so I decided to greet them with a plate of fresh cookies – so I went with another chocolate cookie recipe, because who doesn’t love chocolate?

To say they were a success is an understatement! Everyone was stealing cookies and even requested some to-go for their drive back home. It always makes me happy when I can bake something that people enjoy. :)

I did have to make a few changes to the original recipe because I was lacking some ingredients.

The recipe calls for milk but I substituted with heavy whipping cream and watered it down with water. I also had to use light brown sugar instead of dark brown sugar but the end results were delish!

Original Recipe: Chewy Chocolate White Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Annie’s Eats

If you have any suggestions for next week’s Cookie Challenge just shout them out (and then leave me a comment because I can not hear you from over here).



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Style Me // Fun Flats for Work

Confession: I used to wear flip-flops to work. I know, horrible. But to my defense I live in Florida and we had no clients visiting us at the office.

Now with my new grown up job I had to stock up on some comfy yet cute shoes. My solution – pretty flats! They look great with slacks, I can walk with them, and I can wear them outside of work. I know some people may disagree but I just love the comfort these pretty shoes offer!

1. ASOS Lille Ballet Flats

2. H&M Gold Toe Flats

3. Rampage Mara Flats

4. Forever21 Pinstripe Bow Flats

5. Mod Cloth Surprise Flat

6. Old Navy Canvas Flats

Do you think flats are a good choice for business casual? What are your thoughts?



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