About Moving + Some Snapshots

Day 1 in the new apartment

Setting up the bedroom

After unpacking boxes and building stuff, you must have a glass of wine

The IKEA guy should really speak. He needs to improve on his communication skills

The Hubs built this while I was on the phone with Supal (at least I unpacked all the kitchen stuff at the same time, major multi-tasking) Haha!

A total grown up dinner – waffles!

Let’s start with a little real life stuff – moving is tough. When I moved out of my Mom’s house to live with The Hubs (at that time my boyfriend) it was only about 5 blocks away. No need for a rental truck (we had no furniture) and it was easy to make trips back and forth if I forgot something. The Hubs move was even easier because he was about 2 blocks away.

Now we moved 3.5 hours away, in a building with no elevator, on the third floor. It’s been bonkers! Our legs are sore from taking 47 boxes up those stairs, luckily our kind family agreed to help.

So today I am sitting in our new apartment still thinking this is all a dream. Most of the stuff has been unpacked and we even started decorating. It’s so exciting and scary at the same time. I just can’t believe it is happening!

So I leave you with a few snapshots of what we’ve been up to. Tomorrow I am hoping to have a little blog post talking about our purchases at IKEA. ;)

I can’t wait to get back on the grove of things because I truly miss the blog world!

Thanks for all your patience!



P.S. – Yesterday was my 1-year blog anniversary and I totally missed it! Thought I would run out of things to blog about but I am only getting started!


  1. Third floor and no elevator? You must have gotten a seriously good workout! I hope you rested some this weekend. And happy 1 year blog anniversary! You certainly have had a lot to celebrate this week.

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