Sweet Friday + Link Love: White Chocolate Caramel Swirl Ice Cream

Image + Recipe

You see this picture? This is the reason I need an ice cream maker. I’ve never made ice cream and it just calls my attention to make this deliciousness. Problem is I have a tiny kitchen and tons of pots, pans, plates, muffin trays, fondue set, over 10 large mason jars (I need to do something with these) and other useless appliances.  The Hubs doesn’t want more “stuff” in the house, which makes sense if you are being reasonable (I don’t want to be reasonable).

Want a fondue set? Maybe we can trade. You know that nice ice cream maker you have? We can make this happen if you’ll like. I actually never used that fondue set – its brand new. It’s ok if your ice cream maker isn’t new – it just needs to work. ;)

Ok enough about that. Here are a few links that I am loving this week:

-This shop makes me want to throw a pretty party (via NYAO)

-I do pilates

-The easiest and prettiest DIY project

-This cake is so beautiful I will have a hard time eating it

-These photos are so dreamy

-Can I have this playhouse?

Any good plans this weekend? I plan to kick back and relax. Maybe catch up on my blog reading.



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  1. That ice cream sounds DIVINE!

  2. I’ve only made ice cream once and I wasn’t very successful. What I really need to do is get an ice cream maker and keep trying this summer. Hope you have an incredible weekend, Meli!

  3. that looks absolutely delicious!!! hope you have a great week!

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