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I have been a fan of large headbands and accessories ever since I started watching Blair on Gossip Girl (you know you all watch this). She always has the best headpieces that look extra chic and really complete an outfit.

I finally dared to buy a big bow headband…and it’s fabulous. So today I am dedicating the post to great headpieces.

1. Vine Leaf Headband

2. Rosette Hair Clips

3. Large Satin Bow “Aliceband”

4. Chiffon Flower Headband

5. For the Bow’d at Heart Hair Clip

6. Little Bow Hair Clips

7. Beaded Flowers Headband

8. Feather Headband

9. Black + Pink Flower Headband

Do you all love large headpieces?




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  1. I do, I do! And I don’t care if it sounds juvenile, my love affair with statement headbands began with Blair as well. They do have amazing ensembles on that show, I must say. (That’s my excuse for watching it.)
    The feather headband is my favorite in the set. I may have to procure one for myself.

  2. So cute. I do love the larger headbands, I just do not know if they look good on me. :)

  3. Large headbands make a great statement on anyone! Try one on next time you go shopping. I bet you’ll love it! ;)

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