DIY Freebie: Valentine’s Day Scratch off Tickets

Today I am feeling pretty hyped (and extremely nervous) about this post. It’s my first DIY Freebie being posted here on Blush + Jelly. I had a lot of fun putting it together, and I really hope you all enjoy making this. Whether you love it or hate it I would like to know.

Also, please forgive me for the not so amazing pictures I posted. My photography skills are way below average so I did the best I could. Might just go outside next time to get some natural light.

These little Valentine’s Day scratch off tickets are super easy to make. Here is a list of the materials you will need:

-Cardstock paper of your choice

-Scissors (or paper cutter)

-Clear sticky plastic film (what you use for book covers)

-Acrylic paint in any color you fancy


Download File

Step 1: Download and print out Valentine’s Day scratch off ticket. I suggest using some type of cardstock, feel free to use any color you like.

Step 2: Cut out tickets. Due to my poor scissor handling skills I use my handy dandy paper cutter for a nice straight edge. If you are gifted with the ability to cut straight using scissors I envy you.

Step 3: Write a special message on the pink heart. Make it something sweet like “Free bear hugs all day!” or “Your turn to pick the movie”.

Step 4: Get the sticky plastic film and cut either in the shape of a heart or a square. Once you cut it peel and stick on top of your secret message.

Step 5: Get your paintbrush and acrylic paints out and paint over the sticky paper. A few coats should do the job. Let it dry. If message isn’t concealed then just dab on another layer, and if you’re feeling creative use more than one color!

Step 6: You’re done! Now just place it inside an envelope and deliver your special message.

Hope you enjoy making these scratch off tickets.



Download: Valentine’s Day Scratch off Tickets

(Images by Meli)


  1. Meli, this is such a cute idea!! I’ve always loved scratch off tickets and I can’t imagine anyone saying no to one of these Valentines.

  2. Janell Gardner says:


    Very cute idea. I really like the cards, the idea is simple, & your tut is straight forward & Easy to follow. I’m gonna be honest bc you asked. I’m always looking for constructive criticism to improve & I honestly think you did a great job BUT(don’t you love when you see those 3 letters), I HONESTLY think that you should check out some of the other scratch ticket diy tuts. Yours is easier to follow & explains things in detail, the only part is the actual product. The painting, in MY OPINION ONLY which shouldn’t matter to you very much, is less chic or finished & more child like. Ahhh I don’t like saying that but I would greatly appreciate some honesty these days & I think you have a great gift for tuts just maybe polished up the execution a bit?? That’s only one girls opinion & that being said you did it way better than I ever could. Please keep up the great tutorials, wtg on your 1st. Please check out those other tuts & let me know. Please don’t hate me… I’m giving my honest opinion only. Make your day fantastic!! JG

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