The Beginning

Welcome to Blush + Jelly – a little spot in the blogosphere dedicated to discovering clever shops owned by lovely individuals, sharing images of things that inspire me and plenty of randomness that I hope inspires you and makes you fall in love.

So who am I? Well that’s pretty simple, I am 23 year old girl living in the fantabulous Miami, Florida. I live with my amazing Hubby (Nick) and our adorable little pup Luna in our cozy little apartment. I spend my days (and nights as well) searching the web for things that are unique and lovely to look at. My favorite websites for inspiration are Pinterest and Flickr. I am also owner and designer of Lovely Paperie by Meli, a stationery design studio.

I am a lover of paper goods, anything related with NYC, glitter, baked goods, and amazing photography. I could continue with the list but we aren’t here for that. Let the inspiration and fun begin! Hope you all enjoy.

PS – A little random fact, did you know fantabulous is an actual word that is recognized by the spell check?



You just keep on getting closer by Emelie Lundqvist (via flickr)

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