About Me

Hi friends! Welcome to Blush + Jelly, a blog dedicated to showcasing all the little things that inspire me. On the blog you can find lots of fun (and free!) downloads and printables, blog + business tips, our Disney adventures, and some of my latest web design work.


I’ve been blogging since 2011 (see my first post here!) and have love watching this little space on the internet grow and go through many different transformations and changes.

The blog has also served as a journal that has seen me grow into the person I am today — and also seen my growth as a small business owner. Its a place where I can connect with all of my amazing readers (both new and old!) from around the world!

A Few Milestones & Accomplishments

+ In January 2012, Nick and I moved from Miami to (the amazing) Orlando. Moving to a new city was a wonderful (and sometimes challenging) experience that we will always cherish. Its what helped us grow an individuals and a couple. Also it fueled our love for Disney, which is basically in our backyard.

+ Another fun thing in 2012 was accomplishing my very own 52 week challenge! For a full year I baked a new cookie recipe each week and I feel very proud that I accomplished the challenge and learned tons of new recipes and techniques.

+ At the end of 2012 we bought our very own little home. It was stressful (many panic attacks) but when we walked into our home with the keys for the first time it was the best moment ever.

+ As of the end of June 2013 I took the plunge and left the corporate world to work for myself. I am now doing what I love – which is designing and creating blogs and websites! You can see my portfolio over at Jelly Design Studio.


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you stick around!