Blog Hop // Behind the Scenes


The other day I was tagged by the lovely Monica from Cake & Lilies to be part of this fun little blog hop that has been going on. And after the blog being silent for a few weeks thought this would be a fun way to get things moving once again. Plus, I get to share a few things that I’ve been working on.

So here we go!

What am I working on?
I am currently working on a few projects for clients – but I am finally working on a few personal projects.

My first project is a blog redesign for Blush + Jelly. For a while now I’ve been a little uninspired when it came to blogging and just feel like this space needs a makeover. Of course deciding the style I want for the new design will take me a while to figure it out (can never make up my mind!), but at least I am starting the process and feeling inspired to spend some time on the blog again.

The other project is finally learning how to sew. The past weekend my Mom came to visit and she made 2 beautiful costumes for me. I spent a couple of hours just watching her sew things together to make something amazing and I feel that it just clicked for me. I made my very first maxi skirt (all by myself!). It is definitely a very rough version and I need lots of practice, but I find sewing to be such a fun hobby. I hope to one day be at least half as good as my Mom.

How does my work differ from those in my genre?
I try to personalize all of my projects by getting to know the client a bit. I like to try to incorporate their personality into their design — whether it’s a blog, website, or a logo — I love to find a trait that can somehow be reflected into the final design.

Why do I write/create what I do?
One of the main reason why I love my job is because I get to collaborate with so many talented and amazing people. I love creating a blog for someone who loves to share what inspires them — or creating a site for a small business owner who is passionate about the product they offer. Creating with others has provided me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who inspire me to always move forward and stay passionate about the things I love.

How does your creative process work?
I have to admit that I don’t really have a “process”. The creative process is one that is always changing for me. I used to think I needed to find that one way to stay inspired and be able to create — but with time I have realized that creativity and inspiration can come from so many places. When I hit a creative block I just try to step away and recharge by doing some of the things I love: reading design blogs, listen to music, talking to other creatives, or read a book.

Now I am tagging the oh-so-fashionable Supal from chevrons & éclairs to continue the blog hop! And make sure to check out her blog for lots of beautiful photos and amazing style posts! ;)



Style Post // On Wearing Shorts + Body Image


Summer in Florida this year has been crazy hot. It’s the kind of heat that makes you sweat by just stepping outside and almost suffocating.

It’s really messing with my love of strolling around Disney in the afternoons cause the weather is way too intense. But I feel like one good thing has come with this heat, after so long I am finally wearing shorts out in the world.

Wearing shorts seems like such an easy task. And I am sure many people don’t even think twice about putting on shorts when the weather is near 100 degrees. But I am not like that. Just to purchase shorts it took me weeks of gaining courage and debating – and then to finally wear them out and about in the real world can really set off my crazy brain into panic mode.

Summer Outfit - Shorts 2

Summer Outfit - Shorts 3

For years I have dealt with issues about the way my legs look. I remember dreading gym because of those ridiculous gym shorts. It was like torture to have to wear those in middle school – and like most kids in middle school – people loved making remarks about my “chicken legs”. Unfortunately those mean jokes really made a negative impact and I let it control my self-esteem and confidence.

And I know I am not the only person who has gone through this. So many ladies (and gentlemen too!) have let what other’s say about the way we look affect us. I had gone years (last year I wore shorts just once!) without wearing a pair of shorts out in public – which is nuts when you live in Florida.

We let what other people say dictate how we feel about the way we look. We believe all the magazine covers that are plastered with images that are labeled as “perfect” and “flawless”. It’s either – we are too skinny, too fat, too short, too tall – it’s easy to allow these images and comments take over our feelings and make us feel self-conscious.

Summer Outfit - Shorts 4

For me, getting over my body image issues is something that I am constantly working on. I still don’t feel 100% confident in shorts, but I am constantly reminding myself that these are my legs and that is good. Instead of focusing on my awkward knees or how my legs feel “too bony” I focus on the fact that I have been blessed with a pair of legs that give me the ability to walk around the places I love – it’s something that I shouldn’t take for granted.

This year I can finally say that I’ve worn shorts multiple times. I finally own 3 pairs of shorts and they have all been worn! It might sound silly but it’s something that I am so proud of. I am learning how to feel good about the way I look and slowly letting go of the silly thoughts that society has led me to believe.

So remind yourself everyday that you are beautiful. Don’t let what society thinks (or mean comments) make you feel self-conscious. Own it, cause you can. ;)

Outfit Details //
Top from Forever 21
Shorts (Similar) from Target
Purse from Coach

- – -

Photographed by chevrons and éclairs



Home Decor // Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints 1

Before fancy digital cameras and iPhones I remember how much I used to love getting photos printed. I would use an entire roll of film in just a day then take it to a local pharmacy that would develop the photos for me so that I could frame them, hang them around my room, and make scrapbooks.

Now times have changed and I rarely get any photos printed. I have over 1,000 photos on my iPhone but none of them get printed, just uploaded on Instagram or saved to my computer.

As our walls are still somewhat bare I wanted to finally make use of all the images stored on my phone. I decided to partner with Easy Canvas Prints to get two of my favorites images (both inside the Disney parks, obvi) printed onto a fancy canvas so that I can finally enjoy these images.

Easy Canvas Prints 2

Easy Canvas Prints 3

Easy Canvas Prints 4

The first image is one that was taken by some dear fiends on the 24-hour Disney event. I wasn’t expecting for the Hubby to surprise me with a kiss – it was such a fun and spontaneous photo!

The other image is in Rapunzel’s village which is one of my favorite areas of the park. I placed this one in my office so that I always have a fun photo to look at filled with lots of good memories.

So far I just have 2 of them but plan on getting a few more for the dinning room and bedroom!

The best part is that you don’t even have to upload the images when ordering. Their ordering system allows you to link your Instagram account and you can easily browse for any photo you would like to use.

You also have the option of using non Instagram photos. :)

The canvas are great for decorating a mantle, hanging on the wall, or to add some flair to you current decor.

- – -

Photographed by chevrons and éclairs



Style // Being a Mermaid

Mermaid Style 1

Mermaid Style 2

Mermaid Style 3

Since I was a little girl I’ve always been weirdly fascinated by mermaids. I remember spending hours at the pool try to swim like one. Unfortunately I never really mastered their swimming technique (due to my lack of grace and coordination) but it was fun trying.

As an adult I am still intrigued by mermaids. There is something so mysterious about them. I could spend hours reading up on mermaid legends and watching documentaries about how they can exist in our world.

So as I can’t be a mermaid I like to pretend I can be one by dressing up as my favorite mermaid, Ariel. This is definitely my first tee at the moment, I just can’t stop wearing it! And of course I know want all the mermaid tees from Hot Topic.

Outfit Details //
The Little Mermaid Tank from Hot Topic
Green Pants form H&M
Mermaid Inspired Necklace from Hot Topic

- – -

Photographed by chevrons and éclairs



A Little Extra Storage

a little extra storage

Moving out can be stressful. And when you are moving out on a college budget things can get extra tricky.

When the Hubby and I moved out (we were just little babies in college) we were on a strict budget. The place was tiny so we were careful to only buy things that we felt were necessary and reasonably priced. Of course, after buying some really cheap furniture we learned that sometimes it’s best to just splurge a little. Especially when it’s furniture that has dual purpose.

Living in a small place means you need to have lots of storage space. Furniture that doubles as storage can cost a little extra but it’s worth every penny. Whether living in a dorm or renting a room – chances are that your first place on your own will be teeny-tiny. Or at least that was our experience.

BRIMNES Bed frame with storage

KIVIK Footstool with storage

NORDEN/ FRODE Table and 2 chairs

VITTSJÖ Shelving unit

Comforts of Home

And IKEA has another special giveaway that I wanted to share with you all! Just sign up using the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for a chance to win a “Comforts of Home” Care Package!

The package is loaded with goodies such as delicious cookies, plastic storage, cozy fleece, and some other goodies.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, make sure to check out the 2014 IKEA College Checklist to help you shop for your new place. :)